Prom Garters

All Garters are available in any variation and custom made to order.

Take a look at the gallery below for examples of the different colors and combinations that are available.


White-Blue Gold Lt Blue
Black-Lt Blue Satin Lt Blue
White-Blue Blue Mist
Blue-White Lace Blue Mist
White-Blue Glitter Blue Mist
White-Silver Blue Blue Mist
Blue Blue Glitter Copenhagen
Blue-Irr Lame’ Copenhagen
Blue-White Gold Copenhagan
Blue-White Copenhagan
Blue-White Silver Copenhagan
White-Turquoise Lt Turquoise
White-Turquoise Glitter Lt Turquoise
Turquoise White Silver Lt Turquoise
Turquoise Black Silver Lt Turquoise
White Turquoise Turquoise
White Silver Turquoise Turquoise
Turquoise White Lace Turquoise
Turquoise White Silver Turquoise
Turquoise Black Silver Turquoise
White Wedgewood Wedgewood
White Wedgewood Satin Wedgewood
Wedgewood White Wedgewood
Wedgewood White Silver Wedgewood
Wedgewood White Lace Wedgewood
White Royal Blue
White Royal Blue Lace
White Royal Blue Glitter
White Royal Blue Satin
Royal Blue Irr Lame’
White Navy Blue
White Navy Blue Satin
White Navy Blue White
Navy Blue Gold Lame’
White Aqua
Aqua White Silver
Black Aqua Satin
White Aqua Exotic Aqua
White Silver Aqua Exotic Aqua
Aqua Irr Lace Exotic Aqua
Aqua White Silver Exotic Aqua
Aqua Black Silver Exotic Aqua
White Mint Gold
White Mint
White Silver Mint
Mint White Lace
Mint White
Apple Irr Lace
White Silver Apple
Apple White Silver